Retail Design System – The Mask

Inspired by the facial markings of Canada’s indigenous birds, as well as by wildlife representations found in early native culture. The clean shape of The Mask duplicates the shape of the front windows and celebrates the flight deck. It’s primary role is to capture the experience of travel in creative. Across all touch points, this serves as a natural extension of the Air Canada brand. Echoing an aircraft’s windshield, it represents the spirit of the airline: welcoming and insightful. It also embodies Air Canada’s commitment to excellence.
Group Creative Director


FCB Toronto

Air Canada

Collage of experiences

The Mask and imagery come together to form collages. Much like real memories, these collages contain the snapshots and fragments of trips, bringing to life the essence of the travel experience with Air Canada.

Design System

The Mask is a visual system that was created to assist the Air Canada team in its daily marketing operations. It is a natural brand extension that gives the marketing and design team flexibility in creating impactful communication with the clients. The system consists of visual guidelines and templates dedicated to various channels and different marketing purposes.

Primary Palette
Secondary  Palette

Template A — Print
Template B — Print /Digital
Template C — Digital / Occasional